Blackpink Heardle

What Is Blackpink Heardle Game?

Blackpink is one of the most reputable and successful band girls in Kpop and the global music industry. Four gorgeous and talented artists have broken many records and achieved millions of fans worldwide.

In a separate area, the game industry, the Wordle game is also considered a prominent word-guessing game in the world.

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Therefore, combining these two famous phenomena must be a blockbuster for a Blink (name of Blackpink fandom) enjoying puzzle games. Honestly, the Blackpink Heardle game is not the official cooperation of Blackpink and Wordle, but it is the self-made product of an unknown Blink.

The Blackpink Heardle game will give you a short music intro of the band’s random songs, and you will guess which song the music intro is in. You have six tries to figure out the correct song. The sooner you recognize the song, the higher score you achieve.

Rules Of Blackpink Heardle

The only feature that Blackpink Heardle borrows from its inspiration, Wordle, is the limit of guesses. You must finish guessing the correct Blackpink song within six tries. Or else you lose the game.

Blackpink Heardle doesn’t give you the trademark signal colors like in the word-guessing game: gray, yellow, and green. On the other hand, Blackpink Heardle allows you to expand the length of the song record to listen more carefully before you submit your answer.

The record starts with the first second of the song, but you can expand it to thirty seconds. Yet, the longer it takes you to hear the song, the lower your score will be.

How To Play Blackpink Heardle? Some Tips

Blackpink Heardle is free to play on browsers of your Internet-connected devices. You can search for Blackpink Heardle on Google and click on a website that provides the game. The most common website for playing Blackpink Heardle is Wordle.

There is a daily mode available, meaning you have to wait until 0 a.m the next day to start guessing a new Blackpink song. Otherwise, you can enjoy the game unlimitedly. Hence, you can take advantage of the unlimited mode to practice and achieve higher scores in the daily mode.

You can play the audio with the Pause/Start button. Then, type the potential song name in the box below and press “Submit”. You don’t need to type the whole name because a list of song names with relevant words will drop down for you to pick.

If you choose a precise name, you will get a congratulation from the game. In contrast, the audio will automatically expand for you to listen more thoroughly.

The only way to get an excellent score in Blackpink Heardle is to become a real Blink and memorize almost every song of Blackpink. Furthermore, replaying the game multiple times helps you get acquainted with the songs and attain a better score in the next round.

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