Introduction Quordle

A more challenging variation of Wordle, now known as Quordle, was created in response to a group of word game enthusiasts using another Wordle substitute.

The game now has over two million daily users, which seems to be increasing. So, if you’re interested in finding out why Quordle is so popular among Wordle UK game lovers, we’ve created a guide that explains what it is and how to play Quordle on your device. Scroll down for more!

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About Quordle

Like the original version, Quordle also comes with a daily mode that provides a new challenge to all gamers once each day. You are granted a certain number of chances to figure out the hidden words, and the gameplays are almost the same.

Quordle is considered the advanced version of the Wordle game with quadruple grids, pushing the competitor to pursue four mystery terms at the same time with 9 tries in total.

How To Play The Game

Currently, users can play the game for free online at NYT Wordle or Wordle. It includes two modes: daily and practice, combining the daily challenge and limitless games into one package.

You have 9 tries to guess four words in the game. The color of each letter will alter after each response to tell you some hints about the secret word.

  • Gray: The letter is completely absent from the target term.
  • Yellow: Although the letter is present in the target word, it is not where it should be.
  • Green: The letter is present and placed correctly within the word.
  • The only necessity for a player is to complete the task within the allotted amount of guesses.

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    Quordle Tips and Strategies

    Playing Quordle can be challenging, so we have some advice to help you through it.

    Using Good Starting Words

    In the game, a strong first word might make a huge difference. Here are the two ways you can start with the first guess:

  • Focus on vowels: Understanding a word’s vowels can frequently help put the rest of it together a little bit more simpler. The word “audio” makes an excellent opener with four of the five vowels.
  • Use common letters: Pick a term with widely used letters, such as N, R, S, and T.
  • Save The Repeating-letter Words For Last

    Try to preserve a word that you think might contain repetition letters for last. It’s not a good idea to play letters twice. It gets worse when we have to use repeats of those letters. Words containing repeated letters should be saved for later.

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    Play Word Games to Get Rid of Letters

    You can repeat the vowels if your usual method is to use them all at once. But you ought to choose new words with just one vowel. There are several five-letter words available for you to choose from.

    Learn the Uncommon Spelling Patterns

    Spend time concentrating on memorizing the more challenging spelling patterns as you acquire new terms. These include the terms with double letters discussed before, but it also entails learning patterns like _ATCH, _IGHT, and _OUND.

    Get Help From WordFinder

    If things don’t turn out well once you’ve reached the last few turns, you can look at this website for some advice. It’s a useful hack to find potential terms you might have overlooked.


    That is all there is to know about the Quordle. In our opinion, it is exponentially tougher to play than the original in terms of the level of complexity added to the mix. Do these games catch your attention? Try it now!

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