A Quick Glance At Canuckle

As you can see from the name Canuckle, this game must somehow tie to Canada. Players can probably realize that “Canuckle” is the combination of the word Canuck (an informal way to call Canadian) and the game named Wordle.

The Canuckle game is a product of Mark Rogers, an Ottawa citizen. Mark created this game with inspiration from the Wordle Online games, but he imposes Canada-related elements to turn Canuckle into a marketing tool for his country.

Canuckle also challenges players to figure out a five-letter secret word within six guesses, like Wordle. Instead of using the data from an English dictionary, Canuckle only questions players with words related to Canada.

For instance, you can guess the name of a famous Canadian beauty spot, traditional cuisine in Canada, a famous person in Canada, and so on.

Play Canuckle game on website


You can enjoy this puzzle game for free on any digital platform as long as you have an Internet connection. Canuckle will be a relaxing and beneficial game for people planning to study and start their life in Canada. Apart from learning new English vocabulary, you can attain some knowledge about the country.

How To Play Canuckle Game?


Canuckle is available on many online game websites, but you should go straight to for a smooth playing experience.

Even if you are familiar with Wordle gameplay, don’t skip this section because there’s a slight modification in the game rules. Honestly, playing this game is nothing different from Wordle.

You can still guess the word by typing a valid five-letter word from your physical keyboard or via the virtual keyboard on the screen. When you finish building the word, press Enter.


There are three scenarios when you type in the word:

  • If the letter switches to gray, the letter is not in the secret word.
  • When the letter is yellow, it indicates that the letter is included in the secret word, but you’ve put it in the wrong position.
  • Should the letter become red, it means that the letter is in the word, and you place it in the precise position. And, the whole word is red means that you win the game.

The red letter makes Canuckle different from Wordle. In the Wordle rule, a green letter is the signal of a correctly placed letter and your chance of winning increases. However, Mark uses the red color for a precise word in his game to remind players of the Canadian flag.

Tips For Playing Canuckle

Canuckle only offers one game round every 24 hours, like Wordle. Therefore, you have to wait until 0 a.m the next day to start finding out the new secret word. If you are consistent with spotting the word while using up six guessing times, you can still cheat by playing the game on browsers’ Incognito mode.

The only way to boost your performance in Canuckle is to expand your vocabulary about Canada. And we suggest that you read more Canadian articles and news to know more about Canadian words, events, locations, and so on.

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