Wordle UK

What Is Wordle UK?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a software engineer named Joshua Wardle wanted to find a pastime for people living in quarantine. Hence, he created Wordle and posted the game on his website for free play in October 2021. Wordle became a sensational product in the game industry at that time, and many game developers released various Wordle variants.

Wordle is initially a game for English-speaking people because its word source is totally English. The Wordle UK game is a Wordle version for people speaking British English. Furthermore, you can find other versions for numerous languages.

Briefly, players can consider Wordle UK as an original Wordle game except for some words native to Great Britain citizens. Now, let’s move on to learn some rules of the game.

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Rules Of Wordle UK Game

The default mode of the Wordle UK game requires you to find a five-letter English word within six tries.

If you want to experience a more challenging round, you can adjust the number of letters up to 11 letters in one word. You will lose the game when you can’t figure out the solution word after using up the guesses.

When you arrange a word from the existing alphabet, three colors may appear as signals for your guesses:

  • The gray color means that the letter is not in the word.
  • The yellow color indicates that the letter is in the word, but you place it in the wrong position.
  • The green color shows that you have made the correct choice.
  • Wordle UK Game Modes

    You can find further excitement and challenge in various Wordle UK modes.

    #1 Daily Mode

    The Daily mode was the first game mode of Wordle UK during the pandemic. You only have one game round every 24 hours. Therefore, you have to wait for the next day to reset the game regardless of finding the secret word or not.

    #2 Free Play

    Free play mode allows players to enjoy as many game rounds as they desire. This mode is appropriate for players who want to improve their performances in the daily mode. Moreover, people who want a gentle game for their short free time can opt for the Worlde UK free play.

    #3 Hard Mode

    You may mistake that the hard mode demands a deeper understanding of English words. Yet, the only “hard” feature in the hard mode is that it requires players to use the revealed hints for the later guesses. You must form a word with the revealed hint letters, or else the word is invalid.

    #4 Friend-Challenge Mode

    This function’s aim was to eliminate the distance among friends during the quarantine time. You can create a solution word on the Wordle UK game website, then send the link to your friends for them to guess the word.

    Tricks For Playing Wordle UK

  • The word you form should contain at least two vowels.
  • You should build the first two words with separate letters.
  • The lists of five-letter words on the Internet may help you in some cases.
  • You shouldn’t pick a word containing the same letters in itself.
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