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Wordle Introduction

Wordle emerged as a phenomenon at the end of 2021 with simple game rules and a characteristic colorful interface. If you spend time on Twitter, you are no stranger to a grid filled with green, yellow, and gray squares. Have you ever played it? It is a pity to miss. Read on to understand the rules and useful tips, and try it now.

What Is The Wordle Game?

Wordle is a word-guessing game created by Josh Wardle - a famous software engineer for The Button and Place on Reddit. He originally gave birth to it as a gift for his mate and could not believe its overwhelming popularity earlier this year. It now belongs to The New York Times.

The game introduces a 5-character puzzle to Internet users without age restrictions. Players brainstorm based on the exclusion method to find the answer. Every 24 hours, the community welcomes a new challenge.

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Why Does Wordle Drive Players Crazy?

The game has built a community of lovers with over 300,000 members just three months after its release. According to statistics from Morning Consult, millennials are into Wordle Unlimited.

The company also shared that 43% of respondents had heard of the game through their newsfeeds. The social network has boosted its popularity since mid-December 2021.

However, the root of popularity may lie between novelty and simplicity. The system changes the mysterious keyword every day to stimulate the return of the players. Everyone takes different paths to results but rarely fails. A 5-letter puzzle does not create too much of an entry barrier for all ages.

The reputation boom started when the "Share" feature was added. Color box emojis make your posts stand out from the crowd. It works as a statement that you have caught up with the trend.

To Play Wordle?

It is safest to visit the official New York Times site and start your game. But other gaming sites are just not half bad. The system updates a new puzzle at midnight, which lasts 24 hours. Hence, you have a long day to work on it.

Your mission is to guess a random word of 5 characters. The Wordle game gives six chances to unlock all the letters. Note that it is an empty grid from the beginning. Players must sacrifice the first entries to collect more clues.

A unique feature is the color-changing squares to represent the hint. Once you fill in the correct spot, you get a green tile. Yellow indicates the wrong location. You have a long way to go if the letter shows up in gray.

Tips & Tricks To Master Wordle

Search On The Best Starting Words

Professional players always establish a wise strategy behind their starting words. Most try to make use of as many vowels as possible. The alphabet has only five vowels, and terms contain at least one. So what are the best options?

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You may be surprised that analysts and mathematicians are interested in this problem. They have made a list of the most effective ones that include:

  • Crane
  • Trace
  • Carte
  • Least
  • Canoe
  • Crone
  • Saints
  • Add Popular Consonants

    Once you are done with the vowels, you must work harder with the consonants to form a complete solution. Some popular options that should come out on top include R, M, N, L, and S. Combine them with clues from the previous turns and develop some possibilities.

    Less common letters like Z, Q, and X rarely appear. However, you should get them into the checklist after two unsuccessful attempts. It would help to use "QUERY" to pave the way.

    Another possibility is the repetition of a character, for example, "ABBEY" or "BLOOD." A green letter in the row does not mean they are absent from the rest of the spots.

    Do Not Guess From The First Turns

    A lot of players have succeeded with 6 turns and even fewer. This does not mean they pull off deductive ability from the first turns. The only goal for the two attempts is to collect hints as much as possible.

    You should pick out two words with different letters for this clever strategy. Elimination gives you many clues and pushes the progress behind.

    Use US Spelling

    Wordle works on US vocabulary. This reminder may seem redundant to American English speakers but useful to the rest. You may eliminate potential results by ignoring this tip.

    For instance, FAVOR used to be a solution. Unfortunately, a few UK English users could not maintain their winning streak because of this misunderstanding.

    Pay Attention To Your Statistics

    After you complete the puzzle, the system presents a statistics table. It provides your score for the day and stats on your performance so far. Some important information includes the number of plays, winning percentage, winning streak, and guess distribution.

    Professional players never skip this part to improve their skills. They build and adjust strategies based on statistics. Most of all, guess distribution tells the effect of the starting word. If your choice regularly gives a smooth start, stick to it.

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    Increase Skills By Hard Mode

    The hard mode of Wordle requires players to keep the green or yellow tiles for successive turns since they pop up. This rule reduces your search. On the bright side, it ends up faster with a limited list of possibilities.

    A tougher challenge is not just for the pros. Feel free to participate to practice and enrich your vocabulary. The strict gameplay pushes your mindset to grow.

    Cheating Is Fine

    Not your school test; it is just a game. Nothing can stop you from seeking outside help. If you run out of ideas, type the available hints on search engines. A list of potential words is always available on dictionary sites. However, the victory from your efforts always leaves great emotions. Try your best until your last breath.

    Some Drawbacks Of Wordle

    Only One Play Per Day

    Wordle only offers one quiz in 24 hours. Indeed, the meantime is super boring. You only experience a brief moment of joy in a long day. The good news is that you now get unlimited plays on a few sites. Note that these systems only work as practice modes.

    Result May Be Spoiled

    As all players solve the same puzzle, anyone can share the results on his social accounts. If you stumbled across his post accidentally, the keyword is no longer a mystery. Some people find it accurate to refer to results through this channel. However, it should be a last resort when you are deadlocked.


    Wordle Unlimited creates relaxation after a long tiring day. It also wakes up your brain before going to work. No matter what time you play, fun is guaranteed. Do not hesitate to show off your results on social media. Chances are you meet friends with similar interests.

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