Octordle Introduction

How many words can you guess in one play? 1, 2, or 4. If you have successfully hit these milestones, it is time to push your limits. Octordle - a new spin-off of Wordle, challenges players with eight mysterious puzzles. Let's set you at a new peak!

Octordle - A Fun Spin-off With Multi Modes

The Octordle game takes the 5-word guessing concept from its siblings and multiplies the difficulty by 8 times. In other words, it comes up with 8 blank grids to challenge your vocabulary. Its one plus point is the variety of modes, including:

  • Daily: opens 8 keywords from the beginning as the regular version.
  • Daily sequence: requires the answers to be done in order.
  • Daily rescue: automatically choose starting words.
  • Daily gold: a benefit for loyal members.
  • Daily archive: unlocks past games.
  • Challenges: focus on certain word categories.
  • Free versions for the first three versions above offer unlimited plays.
  • How To Play Octordle

    Regardless of your favorite mode, each player only possesses 13 plays per go. You must make the most of your vocabulary to solve all 8 puzzles as quickly as possible. Note that no hints are given to you from the start. After each attempt, the letters change color to show their validity.

    Green indicates that you made a smart move. Yellow suggests adjusting the position within the current word. You should switch to a better strategy if the tile turns gray.

    Except for the free modes, the system offers one play per day. After midnight, feel free to go back to the official site and take on new challenges.

    Octordle Tricks To Become Advanced Players

    Enter Optimal Words For First Attempts

    Like other word-guessing games, the principle of multiple vowels makes sense with Octordle. You can apply the best starting words used for Wordle to win this version. If you have never heard of this advice before, take note of the tactical options below:

  • STAR
  • Remember to two words with different vowels for the first few turns.

    Split The Game Into Two Parts

    Octordle's keyboard reflects the colors of the letters in the top four grids at all times. This setup eases the elimination process. Focus your attention on it and avoid repeating gray letters.

    After you have completed the upper half, you need a new strategy for the remaining ones. The colors on the keyboard are no longer useful. Preparing paper and pen to note changes and potential answers is best.

    Take Advantage Of Search Engines

    Eight answers in 13 turns are never easy. If you are in a deadlock, cheating is fine. Enter the available hints into dictionary websites and narrow your search. Some well-known sources are the Best Word List or Word Finder. However, make sure you do your best before seeking outside support.


    Octordle is not the hardest version out there of the Wordle family. In fact, you can find options that provide up to 32 grids in one go. However, it is suitable for entertainment after stressful hours. At the very least, you should successfully conquer this version before heading to more massive workloads.

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