Waffle Introduction

The Waffle is a fun game to boost your mood. Inspired by Wordle, it pushes the concept of guessing 5-letter words to the next level. There is a twist for you! Scroll down to know.

Waffle - An Interesting Spin-Off Of Wordle

Waffle is a newcomer to the Wordle universe developed by James Robinson. However, Kittenden gave the game an interesting name based on its waffle-like crosswords. The unique difference is the swapping of letters instead of typing. The system provides the table with all the letters needed to form the keywords. All you do is arrange them in the correct order. Does everything sound easy? Solving six puzzles in only 15 turns may drive you crazy.

How To Play Waffle

The Color Coding

The Waffle game inherits the color scheme from its predecessor. Once you enter the contest, multiple characters appear vertically and horizontally. This winding grid hides 6 keywords to test your vocabulary library.

Players may feel overwhelmed by many colors at first. Keep calm! They follow a specific rule. Green is interpreted as a compliment for your precise arrangement. Yellow means the character belongs to another position in the row or column. There is no gray in the grid. Instead, when the letters have not reached their spots, the tiles turn white.

Special Cases

The tricky part of this challenge lies in the intersections. It takes more effort to determine whether the letter belongs to the horizontal or vertical word. This situation is known as "The Funky Dingo." Let’s take a look at the example below.

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Chances are that all three keywords contain N. What to do when you only have two characters? It is best to swap them at the intersection. On the first note, it forms the words "FUNKY" and "DINGO." Meanwhile, the other N unlocks "CLONE."

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Useful Tips To Remain Your Winning Streak

Consider The Position Of Vowels

The Waffle game has opened important hints for you, including the starting and ending positions. So you can consider the vowel principle but in a different way.

Moving vowels to rows or columns with lots of green is a smart start. This action can create a new word in the first few turns and ease your work.

Do Not Jump To Hasty Conclusions

The confusion caused by the appearance of many acceptable words sometimes hinders your gameplay. In other words, characters may form many meaningful words but not the solution. Defaulting a term to be true can waste your plays. The best way is to plan possibilities and routes of actual moves.

Jot All Possibilities Down Or Turn To Search Engine

The absence of a keyboard gets in the way of your deductive logic. Instead of trial and error, prepare a pen and paper on the table. Write down all the possibilities and intended moves. Take into account steps that bring multiple answers at once to create ultimate value.

If you are stuck on a term, look it up on the Internet. The search engine provides a way out, especially when you already have a lot of green data. For example, it would help to type "5-letter words starting with X and ending with Y." Google always gives you the answer.


The Waffle is a fun variant to try for boring days with Wordle. The best part of this game is the definitions for the keywords in the puzzles. Do not skip it! You can learn a lot to expand your vocabulary.

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