Sedecordle Introduction

Wordle has been a phenomenon in the gaming industry since late last year. However, some players have become proficient and get bored with the basics. The need for innovation gave birth to many spin-offs including, Sedecordle. The feature that makes this version different is the 16x increase in difficulty.

About Sedecordle

The Sedecordle game is an upgraded version based on Wordle. Brad Bednar, an administrator of NetSuite, launched this personal project in February of this year.

It offers four main modes, including:

  • Daily Sedecordle opens all keywords from the beginning.
  • Daily Sede-order opens puzzles one by one after the player completes his previous mission.
  • Two free modes for these options above offer unlimited guesses.
  • How To Play Sedecordle

    Regardless of your mode, the system challenges you with sixteen 5-letter keywords. They appear in dense grids with color hints until you complete your quest.

    With considerable difficulty, this game gives you 21 attempts to unlock the whole thing. Pay attention to the square in the upper right corner of the screen to see how many guesses you have left.

    The color coding in Sedecordle is similar to other spin-offs. Specifically, the green color shows that the letter has reached its intended position. The yellow pop-up suggests that you should rearrange the spots. If the title turns gray, you are far from the accurate word.

    Players can tap on the numbers at the top of the grid to navigate to the desired puzzle. However, this task only makes sense for Daily Sedecordle and its free mode.

    Tricks To Master Sedecordle

    Start With Vowels

    Most words contain at least one vowel. Hence, vocabulary games often recommend a common trick for first turns - enter as many vowels as possible.

    Here is a list of the best starting words for your reference:

  • Alone - Arise - Clout - Heart
  • Royal - Story - Teary - Toils
  • Stay Away From Repetitive Letters

    As you have seen above, the criteria for a good guess usually avoid the presence of repeated letters, for example, AA or OO. Especially on your first typings, make sure you use a variety of characters to get as many hints as possible.

    Keep An Eye On All Boxes

    If you play basic mode, the system shows clues for all puzzles. It is best to pull down after each input and check every line. Otherwise, you might miss those squares at the bottom.

    A piece of scratch paper comes in handy to keep up with the situation. Record your moves and calculate them to get the most out of each entry.

    Do Not Work On Individual Words Only

    Some players sometimes forget that they have up to 16 puzzles for a certain number of turns. Do not try to work on a single word until they turn green. This stubbornness only ends you up in a handful of unlocked ones. Instead, split your attention to all the keywords and make good moves.


    Do not get frustrated if you fail to win Sedecordle the first few times. It has never been an easy challenge. If you yearn for victory, practice more. Free mode is a plus point that many players appreciate in this game.

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