Taylordle Introduction

Taylordle is a unique combination to satisfy lovers of Wordle and Taylor Swift. An odd idea? Yes, but it is super fun. The word-guessing concept challenges the vocabulary of your favorite universe. Happiness increases skyrocketing when your prediction is accurate.

Taylordle - The Wordle Version About Taylor Swift

No one could have imagined that the Swiftie Universe and Wordle could become one. How did these wonderful separate categories come together? Holy Swift Podcast nailed it in Taylordle.

Based on the word-guessing setting, the game designers drew inspiration from the songs and trivia of Taylor Swift for keywords. This version builds up a massive library of 5-letter words and what you know about your idol matters. You already have a solid connection to the discography and cultures of this top female star. Taylor is the key!

How To Play Taylordle Game

The system gives you six attempts to guess the hidden keyword. The hints that appear after your input are shown in color.

Green implies that the given letter stays in the correct position. Yellow appears when you have placed the alphabet in the wrong spot. On the bright side, it is sure to be an accurate part of the whole.

Unfortunately, it is a long way to go when gray turns up. It means your prediction is far away from the right track.

Do not hesitate to share your turn on social networks when you complete your turn. Let's see how the Swifties have completed their mission. It is a pity that this game only offers a single daily challenge.

Tips For Winning Streaks

Bet First Attempts For Hints

The Taylordle game requires players to work on hints as much as possible. Hence, nothing can be done in the first turns without clues. The smart strategy is to type any keyword to get closer to the results. You should sacrifice two attempts for this purpose. It is best to enter two options with different letters to have more green or yellow.

Think Of Song Titles And Lyrics

Taylor is a talented songwriter. So this game never sleeps on her alluring lyrics. Keywords may have important meanings in the context of the song. For example, the word "Romeo" directs music listeners to one of her biggest hit songs - “Love Story.”

On the advanced level, some keywords point to the hidden messages of the songs. What do you think of "Maple"? That’s right, Taylor mentioned "Maple Latte" in her liner notes as an inspiration for her fall masterpiece "All Too Well."

Expand To Swiftie Universe

  • Alwyn, Becky, Chris, Ellen, Gomez, Hadid, Harry, James
  • Jimmy, Kanye, Kloss, Mayer, Queen, Scott, Snake, Squad
  • Conclusion

    Taylordle is a test of your knowledge of Taylor. However, do not take it too seriously. Enjoy the way you rack your brain for results. If it is a foreign keyword, the joy comes in how you find out what it means afterward.

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