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What Is The Airportle Game?

Airportle is an airport code game designed by Scott’s Cheap Flights, a travel company that finds wallet-friendly deals for customers. It is an awesome alternative to the familiar Wordle game with the unique concept of guessing an IATA airport code (International Air Transport Association).

You must guess a three-letter code in six attempts to win the round. It may sound easy at first with the decrease in the number of letters from five to three compared with other similar games.

However, it is a real challenge because there are thousands of different airports worldwide, and each one has a unique IATA code. You will find it impossible to guess the correct answer right from the first try without any hint.

A Good Strategy To Play Airportle Well

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After each guessing attempt, the Airportle game has the same concept of color-changing tiles. Making a clever first move is highly recommended to pave the way to the final answer.

If the tile turns green, you must keep the letter in the spot for other next chances since it is the right move. For the yellow color, try your best to move the letter to another position until it shows the green color. It would be helpful to think of other letters except when you notice the gray hue.

The best advice for Airportle’s players is to gain knowledge about airport codes as much as possible for a wonderful playing time. If you don’t have confidence in solving this issue, you can seek help from anyone you know who is a flight attendant or a pilot.

Another faster way of finding the key answer is to search the list of airport codes and match it with the blank space.

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