Introduction Luckle

For its devotees all across the world, using Wordle is now a daily routine. The word game, which was introduced in 2021, quickly went viral, and interest in the challenge hasn’t subsided since.

Following the hype, several Wordle clones have emerged, and Luckle is one of them. So let’s explore all about this game if you were able to recognize the buzz.

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About Luckle Game

Luckle is a game that operates similarly to the Wordle, except instead of guessing the word’s ending, we can pick it.

In this edition, you can enter any word you want and get the right answer right away by choosing the number of letters you need from your term. The word’s letter count ranges from 4 to 11. You’ll be given a five-letter target word to guess, and you’ll have six attempts to get it right.

How To Play The Game

The player gets six tries to choose the keyword appropriately to enhance their likelihood of gathering as many accurate parts as possible.

The letters are colored differently to give hints whenever a guess is taken. In the goal term, the colors green and yellow denote letters that belong in this, yellow indicates letters that belong somewhere else in the word, and gray represents letters that don’t belong elsewhere.

Given that players can make a limited number of predictions, it is essential that they approach with considerable caution.

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Tips For Playing Luckle

Don’t you want to have the best word-guessing skills in the world? Here is a collection of suggestions that can be helpful.

Start With Words Contain Vowels

A smart place to start with Wordle, which is a common phrase containing at least 3 vowels. Specifically, you can choose some options such as “saute,” “aisle,” and “lemur,” which can help you win the game with fewer guesses.

Change Up The Letters In The Second Guess

A crucial tip you must remember to win this game is to remove letters that don’t occur in words.

This method enhances the likelihood of discovering characters that would become yellow or green in fewer attempts at the second word. The player can combine such details for successive guesses and utilize them to help them find the answer.

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Watch Out For Repeated Letters

Words with the same two letters, for instance, “drool,” “happy “, or “never,” need players to use more caution. It’s simple for this to take the player off the surprise and exhaust guesses.

Additional Support

Some may consider it as cheating, but these are useful Wordle side-tips. It’s time to dig out another device and use the information you already have to locate the word if you’re on your fifth guess and still haven’t found the word of the day.

If even this does not assist, there are other online websites you may use, including Word Finder and Best Word List.


That is all there is to know about Luckle. If you wish to play it, be sure to read our advice on how to maximize your abilities and keep up your winning run.

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