Introduction Xordle

If you are a huge fan of the Wordle game, you don’t want to miss the chance to play Xordle, another popular version of the original word game. You will easily fall into the game’s charm thanks to its familiar word-guessing concept combined with its unique rules.

The following article will provide detailed information on how to play the game without difficulty and become the winner. Let’s get started!

What Is Xordle Game?

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Xordle is an awesome puzzle idea with secret words for you to solve. This game is the perfect alternative for Wordle since it has a similar objective. However, the special point of the Xordle game that makes it outstanding compared to other related games is there are two secret words.

You only have nine attempts to guess two different words in one puzzle. That’s why you will experience the rushed feeling of coming up with the right words with no overlap between them. You can also switch between the daily and infinite modes for an enjoyable time solving the puzzle.

How To Play Xordle?

You may find the rule of Xordle complicated at first glance. However, it turns out to be quite easy to understand after playing for a few times, giving you no difficulty learning to play it.

There are a total of two hidden words, and each one consists of five letters. Both words don’t have the same letter, leaving you a tricky playing time. Start by typing in a random 5-letter word, and you will follow the color hint to guess the word.

Whenever you attempt, the change in letters’ color will let you know whether they are right or not. While the green color shows that you guess the right letter at the right position, the yellow indicates that the letter is right but at the wrong spot. If you see the gray color, it means that the letter doesn’t appear in either word.

Helpful Tricks To Play Xordle Effectively

Choose The Most Optimal First Attempt

By following the trick of entering an optimal first attempt, you will find it easier to guess the right word. It is advisable to try the word with 2 or 3 vowels and some basic consonants for better guessing chances.

Try your best to think of the missing letter and put them in different orders to increase the success as much as possible.

Rely On The Search Engine

When you have a few moves left but still have no idea the correct word, it would be best to seek help from a powerful search engine. You can rely on Google or a dictionary to find the most suitable word to fill in the blank.


After reading this article, we hope you have no difficulty becoming a top-ranked player of XORDLE. Applying all your knowledge and focusing on the final goal is highly recommended for unforgettable game rounds.

This is an exciting way to relax in your free time and learn new words simultaneously. Once you play this game, you will not notice time passes since Xordle captures all your attention with its attractive features.

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