Introduction Footdle

Football season is getting more exciting. It’s high time to brush up your knowledge by playing Footdle, also known as the Football version of Wordle.

With a more challenging format, Footdle offers a nerve-racking experience when playing. You will need to think harder before making any guesses. Get to know this interesting game through the article below.

What Is Footdle?

Footdle is an online football game adapted from the well-known word game Wordle. Players will predict a football player from each of the Top 5 Leagues, including the Bundesliga in Germany Premier, the League in England, Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Spain, and Ligue 1 in France.

Unlike Wordle, you’ll have to figure out a mystery football player within 12 guesses. Every day, Footdle picks a random player from the Top 300 rated soccer players in FIFA 22’s Top 5 Leagues for its daily challenge.

And you will need to make your guess based on 3 main points: the player’s club, nationality, and the League they are participating in. These hints are given after each move for you to predict the Mysterious Player of the day.

How To Play Footdle Game?

Footdle is quite simple to play, even if you aren’t familiar with Wordle. But if you’re still confused, here’s an easy guide for newbies. This guide will show you the basic mode with a daily challenge.

  • Step 1: Go to Footdle website You’ll see a pop-up box with 4 choices.
  • Footdle guide 1

  • Step 2: Choose Footdle option. Another box appears, asking you which mode you want to play. Click Today’s Challenge.
  • Footdle guide 2

  • Step 3: Type a random famous soccer player’s name that springs to your mind (e.g.: Ronaldo). Click Make Guess box to confirm your guess.
  • Footdle guide 3

  • Step 4: Here, you’ll see that 1 attempt has been made. Now define the hint by colors:
  • If the column is green, it has a hint. In this case, the Mysterious Player plays in the Premier League.
  • Footdle guide 4

    Game Rules

    Like Wordle or other guessing games, Footdle’s rule isn’t complicated. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the limited number of guesses. So try to utilize the given hints after each guess effectively.

    Footdle Game Hacks

    However, 12 guesses might not be enough for normal players. So don’t worry if you’ve used all the chances, open Footdle website in incognito mode for infinite tries.

    If the hints are still difficult to guess, you can try searching for “Footdle today’s hint” or “Footdle hint”. There are plenty of websites that share more specific information for you to figure out.

    Bottom Lines

    Overall, Footdle is a to-go game if you’re looking for something more challenging than Wordle. 12 tries to find the Mysterious Player – Even huge fans of soccer might have difficulty when making a guess!

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