Introduction Globle

Wordle is a viral phenomenon for word-guessing game lovers. But if Wordle actually disappears, what will help them while away their time? You might want to try out Globle, an interesting spinoff version of Wordle.

As The New York Times is likely to buy Wordle, millions of users are facing the loss of their favorite game. Don’t worry! Globle makes sure that you will have a similar, or even more challenging, experience when playing it. The game is available for desktop and mobile phones, allowing players to challenge their geographical know-how at any time and place.

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What Is Globle Game?

Developed by Abe Train, GLOBLE is a fun geography-based guessing game. Your goal in this game is to locate the Mysterious Country utilizing the feedback from your previous attempts.

Although the number of guesses is unlimited, the player still needs to identify the country with the fewest number of guesses possible. To locate the solution fast and have fun while practicing your geographic skills, use color cues similar to those in the Hot and Cold game.

How To Play Globle?

For many of you familiar with Wordle, it’s as easy as pie to play GLOBLE. But if you’re a newbie, here’s an easy guide to begin with the game:

  • Step 1: Go to Globle’s website:
  • Globle guide 1


  • Step 2: Click the globe icon to start the game. You will then see a page with a big globe on it. It displays every nation without borders. Make your first move. Type your guess (e.g: Egypt) in the box above the world and click the “Submit” button.
  • Globle guide 2


  • Step 3: After that, the chosen nation will be highlighted on the map. Check out the country’s color. The shade of color depends on the accuracy of your answer. If it’s closer to the correct answer, the color will be darker, and vice versa.
  • Step 4: If the country’s color is light, you are probably far away from the Mysterious land. In this case, you should search the nation from a different angle. Red or orange colors show that you’re getting close, so attempt to look for the country in the area right around you.
  • Step 5: To get a close-up view of the chosen country and its surroundings, click, drag, and rotate the globe.
  • Step 6: Dark brown indicates that you have located the desired nation.
  • Although the number of games per day is limited, you can make infinite guesses in each game. So it’s easier to try all your predictions; feel free to type as many country names as possible!

    Tips & Tricks For Globle

    If you’re struggling to make a guess, you can seek help on some websites providing monthly cues for the game. You can search for “Globle hints” or “Globle game cue”. There’s plenty of results, from the most general to specific hints.

    However, as the game also uses color to hint at the area surrounding the Mysterious Country, you can challenge yourself to guess without checking the hints online. Try to think harder and make the brain work at its best.


    Overall, Globle is an ideal choice if you find Wordle quite boring at the moment. With difficult hints and demanding geographical knowledge, it’s a go-t way to relieve stress while still practicing your logical thinking.

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