What Is Thirtle?

The Wordle game is a considerable phenomenon in the word-guessing players’ community. This game is available to play anywhere, anytime, on any smart device platform, and it is straightforward to get along with.

Therefore, Wordle inspires many game creators to develop remarkable variants for puzzle game enthusiasts. And, Thirtle is such a game.

Thirtle’s gameplay almost resembles that of Wordle. Yet, you can somehow infer the difference from the game’s name. “Thirtle” is a combination of Thirty and Wordle. By that, the game developer means you will play thirty rounds of Wordle in a row.

Instead of winning after one round with one word, like in Wordle, you must manage to find thirty secret words constantly to win Thirtle. Briefly, playing a round of the Thirtle game is like playing thirty rounds of Wordle.

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You will have six guesses for each secret word in Thirtle, so you will have 180 tries in total to achieve a victory in the game. When you finish a word, another round will show up.

You don’t have to care about the counting time in the Thirtle. The only function of the clock in the game is to evaluate your total score. The faster you can guess all the words, the higher score you attain.

Rules Of Thirtle Game

Thirtle uses three signal colors to indicate whether players are making the right choice or not:

  • As in every word-guessing game, the gray color indicates the wrong letters.
  • The yellow color shows that the letter is in the solution word, but you place it wrongly.
  • The orange color means the letter is in the word and placed in the exact position.
  • How To Play Thirtle?

    You can play Thirtle on the browsers of any smart device having an Internet connection. The optimal website that allows you to play Thirtle with smooth and simple manipulation is Wordle.

    Thirtle is available to play via the digital keyboard on the screen or your physical keyboard. Hence, you can type or tap the screen to form a word. Then, press or click “Enter” to submit your answer.

    Tricks For Playing Thirtle

    #1 Avoid Arranging Different Words Having The Same Letter

    Unless the letter is yellow and you try to detect its correct position, never form words containing similar letters. You will waste your guess while doing this because you can’t diminish the irrelevant letters within as few guesses as possible.

    #2 Starting The First Try With A Two Or Three-Vowel Word

    We don’t know why but this trick has long been common among word-guessing game players. Besides vowels, you should go for a word that has consonants too.

    #3 Help From External Sources

    Thousands of tools and websites offer lists of five-letter words on the Internet. If you have no idea what the solution word can be, even when you spot some yellow or orange letters, you can rely on help from these tools and websites.

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