The Origin Of Boludle

We bet that you find something familiar with the ending “dle.” Of course, Boludle is a variant of the famous word-guessing game Wordle.

In Wordle, you will guess a secret English word in six tries. Yet, players must figure out a Spanish secret word after six guesses in Boludle. For this reason, the Boludle game is an exciting tool for Spanish learners.

Besides the separate word source, Boludle differs from Wordle in terms of letters included in one word. The latter requires you to pick a five-letter English word, whereas Boludle players must find out a precise six-letter Spanish word to win the game.

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Where To Play The Boludle Game?

Boludle is available online only, so you can enjoy this game on browsers of an Internet-connected device. You can easily find a puzzle game website allowing you to play Boludle. However, it may be a pity for a Spanish learner to rely on this game to study new words when the Internet is out.

How To Play Boludle?

Playing Boludle is simple, and the gameplay is nothing different from the original version - Wordle. The Boludle game gives players a virtual keyboard to arrange their guesses while using a touch-screen device.

On the other hand, you can form a Spanish word via a physical keyboard when playing Boludle on a computer.

Rules Of Boludle

The rules of Boludle resemble the rules of Wordle. You must finish the puzzle within six tries, or you will lose the game.

The Spanish word you arrange must contain six letters and be valid in the Spanish dictionary. Once you finish forming a word, you will get color signals from the game that let you get closer to the solution word.

  • The gray color indicates that your chosen letter will not appear in the secret word./
  • The yellow color shows that the letter is in the solution word, but its precise position differs from your guess. Hence, you must put the letter in another order next time.
  • The green color is the signal of a perfect choice.
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    How To Achieve Better Performance In Boludle?

    The only way to gain a higher score in Boludle is to have a deeper knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. If you can’t widen your range of Spanish quickly, there is a faster way to look for the possible Spanish word of the Boludle game.

    You can search for the list of six-letter Spanish words on the Internet. Then, scroll down the list or use “Ctrl+F” to find your possible answer.

    Furthermore, practicing playing the game repeatedly by enjoying it in the incognito mode of the browser will be of great help. Doing this prevents the system from recognizing your previous play in the day. Therefore, you can replay the game over and over even when Boludle is also a daily game like Wordle.

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