Cladder Introduction

If there's a concept game that never goes out of style, it's vocabulary guessing. Under the influence of Wordle's spectacular popularity, a series of spin-offs came out to the public'eyes.

However, the same gameplay fails to stir up the Internet community again. Suppose you crave a unique title that stands out; it comes to Cladder.

Cladder: Countdown Timer For 10 Keywords

Cladder is a free vocabulary game to break the limits of your vocabulary. Unlike other games in the Wordle universe, it expands the number of keywords but comes with a time constraint. Besides the basic mode, it offers several different options to add fun, including:

  • Selection: The player chooses a letter to change for the next turn
  • Hard: No skips or extra hints
  • Zen: The system hides the timer.
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    How To Play Cladder Game

    The game starts with a given 4-letter keyword and a 60-second countdown timer. Your task is to speed up the brainstorming process to unlock 10 keywords in the allotted time. Hints show up below the grid for each puzzle.

    The system requires players to change only one letter to get the correct result. For example, your starting letter "WILD" would change to "WILL" for "document for passing on an estate."

    You then work with the new-created word to form another one according to the latest clue. Such repetition keeps on going until you reach the milestone.

    Feel free to enter whatever comes to your mind, as you do not pay for mistakes. If you have hesitated for too long, the system offers useful help: turn the character, not in the resulting yellow.

    What if the extra hints cannot help? It is not the end of the world, and the skipping feature saves your game. In return, you lose five seconds of your available time. Note that there are two skips for one go, so prepare yourself with a wise strategy.


    What To Do If I Want More Than One Puzzle Every Day?

    Unfortunately, the game only provides one play per day, similar to Wordle and its spin-offs. But don’t be disappointed! Cladder deserves a plus point for the Practice mode, which has no limit on the number of attempts. It allows players to enjoy their good time at fulfillment and hone their skills.

    When Does The Game Refresh The Puzzle?

    The system updates new puzzles at midnight local time. Set a reminder and get back on time to be the earliest winners.

    Can I Take On Old Puzzles Again?

    Tap on Archive on the home screen to go back to the old days. The previous ten sets of puzzles are always ready to welcome your return, even when you missed them once.


    Cladder is an incredible challenge to test your vocabulary. In fact, not everyone can conquer this game on the first try. Do not give up but come back often and utilize Practice modes. Your effort will never betray you!

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