Introduction DeWordle

Word-guessing game DeWordle was modeled after and inspired by the Wordle. Ensure you are familiar with all aspects of the game before you begin. All the information is available right here. So, scroll down to see the details!

What Is The DeWordle Game?

DeWordle word-guessing game is the reverse version of Wordle game. This game is special because it combines crossword and rummy puzzle features.

While playing this fascinating game, players will engage in exciting activities, including guessing and drawing Wordle diagrams. Players can limit the number of potential solutions using DeWordle.

All you have to do is use the mouse and the game’s instructions to solve the challenges in the DeWordle game one by one.

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How To Play

There will be a blank 5-tile row. To play DeWordle, you have to tap in each tile (dotted squares) to choose the color you want. Tap once to turn it green, twice for yellow, and three times for gray. The colored blocks represent a wordle diagram.

Let’s say your diagram matches with 1234 previous wordle answers, you will see a “Matches 1234 answers” below the row.

Copy your diagram so that you can consult your friends or turn to suggestions from other platforms. To copy the graphic or link to your clipboard, click the “Share” icon underneath the board.

Then click the pencil icon under the answer row. Here, you will see a drop-down list of possible words that is corresponding to the colored blocks. Choose one word to see what letter is correct and what letter is misplaced or incorrect.

Then tap the “+” sign to add the desired number of diagram rows to the board. You need to change the diagram if DeWordle displays “Match 0 answers” beneath the answer row, meaning that you enter a series of patterns that don’t correspond to any solutions. You can reset the game if you find it entering a deadlock.

After you have all the hints needed (you have found 5 letters in their right place), you can answer the secret word. Alternately, try adding as many 242 potential patterns as possible without receiving a single response. It’s up to you, as long as you find it fun and relaxing.

Tricks To Play

Consult word suggestions from previous Wordle users, search engines, or Wikipedia to find appropriate terms.
Note some diagrams when you play Wordle.


After the Wordle game amassed a substantial fan base, many different word games were created. We know that choosing the appropriate relaxing game could be difficult because there are so many options. You won’t be disappointed if you give DeWordle a chance.

DeWordle seems like a brain-racking game at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can’t resist replaying it. It would be best to play with your friends because more people can come up with more possible diagrams.

Have fun playing!

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