Duotrigordle Introduction

Wordle and its variants dominate the gaming industry this year. However, word-guessing game lovers get bored with the meantime for a 24-hour update for a new set of puzzles. This delay is now resolved by Duotrigordle. Duotrigordle now resolves this inconvenience.

Doutrigordle - 32 Boards At One

The Duotrigordle game aims at enhanced brainstorming activity with an upgrade in the number of puzzles. Specifically, Bryan Chen - the founder of this spin-off, provides 32 solution words per go. He believes this setup pushes the abilities and the fun of players further.

Another plus of this version is two plays per day. In other words, a new grid appears every 13 hours allowing players to conquer more challenges.

The Game Rule Of Doutrigordle

Duotrigordle poses a difficult task for the participants. You must master 32 puzzles in 37 turns to become the winner. All the keywords appear right from the start.

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On average, you only have 2-3 turns for each. Victory is at hand only when you solve at least 19 rows on the 19th try.

Once entered, the system measures the accuracy of the letters by color. Green indicates your bet is correct. If the boxes turn yellow, you should consider another spot in the keyword. The gray tiles imply a sad scenario that no words hit the target.

Tips To Unlock All The Puzzles

Sacrifice The First Three Turns With The Vowels

Like other word-guessing games, the first step should be finding as many hints as possible. Do not try to solve any word in the first three turns, even if you get good clues from the start.

This game still applies the old formula: common vowels and starting letters. Some recommended words include AUDIO, SAUCE, CRYPT, or SHELF.

Speed Up With The Common Vocabulary

Another difference from its other siblings, Duotrigordle sometimes gives out strange words. Instead of focusing on foreign terms, it would be best to solve options with multi clues in the first half. Most of them are buzzwords, and you do not struggle with them.

This strategy is necessary as you have a lot of tasks to do at once. These imports also allow you to open up essential hints for vague puzzles.

Look At The Whole

After you have completed the green tiles, step back and take a look at the whole. Especially with rows that contain a lot of yellow, it is time to reason about possible locations. Paper and pen come in handy to map out a logical route for the remaining conjectures.

Rest When Overloaded

Some people feel overwhelmed with the large amount of work. Do not take it seriously. Leave the game and let your mind wander. Rest helps your brain work better afterward. Your efforts will not go away if you return before the refresh.


Duotrigordle offers unlimited practice modes to improve your skills. Newcomers should take advantage of it to get familiar with the game and build a personalized strategy.

You can also share your results on social networking sites and ask for advice. Many fans offer many useful tricks based on their rich experience.

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