What Is Gordle?

Gordle is a hockey version of the famous word-solving Wordle game. Instead of randomly guessing hidden words, the goal of Gordle is to think of the last name of NHL (National Hockey League) players, either in the past or at present.

You will have six chances to find the answer to the five-letter last name. Unlike the rule of Wordle, where you can enter whatever word in the blank for hints, Gordle requires you to have basic knowledge of hockey players to submit your answer.

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How To Play Gordle?

Gordle still follows the same rule as other puzzle-guessing options, as the tiles will change color when you enter the letter to give clues about the final answer. Fill in the letters in the blank and press enter for the result to show on the screen.

The green color hints that the letter is in the name and the right position, while the yellow hue shows the letter is in the wrong spot. You will know your guessing letter is wrong if the tile switches to gray.

Awesome Tricks To Have A Great Gordle Game

Consider The Length Of The Word

The unique feature of Gordle is that when your guessing word doesn’t match the expected length of the answer, it will be automatically moved left or right.

If you enter the long name, some letters will be missing from the board since only the letters shown on the screen will give hints of the mysterious word. Meanwhile, the short name will be shifted either left or right, and you need to fill in more letters to meet the needs of a five-letter word.

Seek For Assistance

If you are not confident with your hockey knowledge, try to ask for help from anyone you know that is an expert in this field. Another option is to search the name of players on Google for more word choices to answer the hidden phrase.

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