What Is Hardle?

The Wordle game has long been a famous word-guessing game for gamers worldwide. For this reason, many game developers created various Wordle variants to bring a more exciting experience for players. And, Hardle is one of the variants.

Hardle is the product of a young game developer named Vignesh Venkat. As you can see from the game’s name, it is a wordplay of the compound “Harder Wordle”. Hardle is truly a more difficult version of the original Wordle. How challenging can the game be? Find out below.

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The Rules Of Hardle Game

Players must guess a secret five-word letter in the Hardle game, like in Wordle. However, you will have eight tries to catch the word instead of six guesses. Besides, the indication colors in Hardle are separate from those in Wordle except for the gray color. The gray color, as always, shows that the chosen letters are not in the solution word. Hardle’s interesting and challenging factors lie in the two other colors: pink and blue colors.

The pink and blue colors will change their roles randomly every day to overwhelm players in finding the secret word. For instance, if today the system decides that pink is the color of correctly placed letters, its role will be the same as the green color in Wordle.

Whereas the blue letter will indicate a precise but wrongly placed letter, like the yellow color in Wordle. However, the blue and pink colors may take each other’s role tomorrow.

The alternation in the indication colors’ functions will puzzle players and force them to come up with multiple choices to solve the secret words.

How To Play Hardle?

Hardle is available on almost every smart device platform. You need a browser and an Internet connection to enjoy the game. The website providing the optimal playing experience for Hardle lovers is Unlimited Wordle.

You can guess the secret word by using the physical keyboard or tapping the digital keyboard. Then, press or click “Enter” to confirm your guess.

Once you use up your eight chances to guess the word, you must wait until 0 a.m the next morning to play a new round with different answers.

Tricks For Playing Hardle

#1 Try Words Having Separate Letters

You should spare two or three guesses to pick words containing as many different letters as possible. For instance:

  • Don’t go for words like LEECH, QUEUE, BEECH,…
  • Arrange words like POWER, FLACK, etc., so you can check ten letters within two guesses.
  • #2 Detect What The Color Theme Of The Today Game Is

    Knowing whether blue or pink is the primary signal of the game is a decisive factor for your performance. When you guess a word and see a letter in pink color, you should come up with another word containing the same pink letter but be placed in a different position.

    If the letter is still pink or turns blue, the pink color represents a correct letter but is wrongly placed.

    #3 Rely On Help From Online Word Sources

    We don’t recommend you use this method constantly to boost your score, but you can turn to help from the online sources when feeling hopeless. You can find a list of every five-letter word on the Internet, then apply the possible words on the Hardle grid.

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