What Is Lewdle?

Wordle is a remarkable phenomenon in the game industry due to its straightforward and interesting gameplay. It is an indispensable element in the game list of word-guessing game enthusiasts. The Wordle game is available in many languages of different nations.

Impressively, a game developer created a Wordle version based on the dictionary for adults. This variant has the name Lewdle.

As you can see from its name, Lewdle is the combination of the sensitive word “Lewd” and the game’s inspiration Wordle. Therefore, Lewdle has many things in common with the game Wordle.

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Before you play Lewdle, we want to note that you must be over 18 years old and don’t feel embarrassed by the sensitive words.

Rules Of Lewdle Game

Since the Lewdle game is a variant of Wordle, its rules resemble those of Wordle.

You must figure out the secret five-letter word within six tries, or else you will lose the game. Besides, you must wait 2 hours before a new round of Lewdle regardless of winning or losing the game.

Lewdle also guides players via three colors: gray, yellow, and green. The gray color indicates that the letter you choose is not in the solution word, so you must avoid reusing it on the subsequent try.

On the other hand, the yellow color tells you that the letter appears in the secret word, but you arrange it in the wrong position. Lastly, the green color is the signal of a perfect choice.

If you get a green letter, you must keep using it in the same position as the previous guess. A green word means that you win the game.

How To Play Lewdle?

Lewdle is available to play on almost every smart device platform. You can play it on a browser or download it into your devices. If you play Lewdle on browsers, you must ensure that the device has an Internet connection.

Lewdlegame.com allows you to enjoy the game on the website or download the game from its link to the App Store or Google Play Store. However, this website only offers a new secret word every two hours. Unlimited gameplay will be available on wordlewordle.io.

You can arrange a word guess by using your physical computer keyboard or tapping the virtual keyboard on the screen.

Tricks For Lewdle

Lewdle is a game of sensitive words for a dirty mind, so its word source or dictionary is not widespread on the Internet. For this reason, you will hardly opt for a supportive list of bad words to complete the puzzle.

Yet, you may turn to help from the summary of daily Lewdle solution words on some forums or websites to expand your adult vocabulary.

Moreover, many players recommend that you should start the game with the word “PENIS”. Firstly, this is a common word that almost everybody knows. Apart from containing two vowels, the word consists of the letter “S” which can help you to identify whether the solution word is plural or not.

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