Mathle Introduction

The Wordle game and its variants have invaded the Internet in recent months. More and more new versions go beyond the word-guessing concept. Have you ever thought about games for math exercises? That's Mathle. Scroll down to learn more about its unique format.

Mathle - Your Funny Mathematic Homeworks

The founder of the Reversle game gave birth to Malthle - a newcomer in the Wordle universe. As the name implies, the game opens a puzzle using math. The game inherits the principles from its predecessors.

However, it increments the number of squares to produce 3-letter results.

It has two predefined sides compared to Needle - another fun homework assignment. In other words, the players know the position of the "=". All you need to do is arrange the letters to unlock the mystery puzzle.

To Play Mathle Game

The Gameplay

Once you log into the game, the system gives you a grid filled with 8 squares. The "=" sign separates five on the left and three on the right. This division implies that the left side develops the equation while the other side shows the result.

Players have up to 5 attempts to find the correct result. The only two formats in your problem are "a+b=c" or "a-b=c". Components can contain 1-3 digits, and they are always positive.

If you guess that c is less than 100, enter it as 0xx. Substitute one more zero in x for the result set between 1-9. Remember that "+" or "-" appears in operation only once. You must maintain a balance of values ​​for both sides so that the system verifies your inputs.

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The Color Scheme

You do not have any hints at the beginning. The game requires you to work to collect them and solve the problem simultaneously. Similar to siblings, the system shows the correctness of your guess through color.

Green means the character has reached optimization. If you see yellow, your digit is not in the correct position. The square turns gray for the wrong placements.

Repeated characters may occur. Mathle offers specific guidance for this. If the system marks both numbers in yellow or green, your strategy is correct and vice versa.

Theoretically, both a+b and b+a give the same answer. However, it is a blind spot in the rules as it follows a strict position.

Turn On The Color Blind Mode

People who are color blind may struggle with the current color coding. Do not rush to exit the screen. The developers have prepared a mode just for you.

Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Switch to a personalized option. Once it is turned on, the system applies red, blue and gray for hints.


How Many Plays Per Day Does Mathle Offer?

The sad news is that players are only allowed one play per day. Schedule new access at midnight for a new challenge.

When Does The System Provide A New Challenge?

Schedule new access at midnight for a new challenge. The accurate time zone follows your location settings.


Mathle is a fun way to proceed with mathematical exercises. A limited number of digits may mislead you into thinking it is an easy challenge. Remember that the values run from 1-999. It means you have a lot of possibilities for combinations.

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