What Is Passwordle?

Passwordle is a puzzle game that has the inspiration of the famous Wordle. The Passwordle game also gives you six tries to figure out a secret solution.

Yet, instead of arranging only alphabetic words like in the Wordle game, you must combine the special symbols on the keyboard to guess the Passwordle’s solution.

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Rules Of The Passwordle Game

You must arrange your guess within six tries from fifty-seven units on the game’s virtual keyboard. Don’t be overwhelmed by the mission because there are twelve square boxes on each row in Passwordle. Therefore, you must fill in 72 boxes to find the related and unrelated units.

Passwordle guides you with color signals:

  • If a box switches to green, it means you have made a perfect selection. The unit is in the solution and in the correct position.
  • A yellow tile indicates that you have picked the right unit in the solution, but you must alter its position in the next guess.
  • A gray box shows that the unit is not in the solution, so you should avoid it in the next guess.
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    How To Play Passwordle?

    Passwordle is available on browsers of any Internet-connected device. You can type the game’s name on the browsers and go for the top search results.

    Playing Passwordle is nothing different from the original Wordle. You will combine the units on the game’s virtual keyboard and then press “Enter” to submit your selection.

    There are no tricks or tips to win Passwordle because winning the game is a matter of luck and how you manage your guess. Sometimes, you may find up to 50 gray units (or even more) out of 72 tiles.

    As a result, you must manage to fill the yellow and green ones properly on the twelve boxes of a row. Luck is part and parcel for this mission, which is the key factor for the game’s fun.

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