Polyordle Introduction

If playing Wordle seems to get boring overtime, give Polyordle a try. This is a new variation that lets you select how many wordles to your heart’s content. So you will always have something new to enjoy.

Make sure you are familiar with the game before you start playing. This post covers the rules, gameplay, and other Polyordle playing tips. So, scroll down now if you are interested!

What Is The Polyordle Game?

With the new game on Wordle world, you can decide the number of boards to play and how many tries to make, based on the number of Wordles you choose.

5 words or 1000 words at a time? You are all set here. So, it is the best choice if you need more words because you can play multiple words at once.

Every day has an unexpected challenge for you to solve in Polyordle. Don’t worry; the game’s rules are very simple but promise to be equally interesting.

All ages can be entertained with this word game as it has unlimited categories daily. Due to its popularity, you may find different games in this category that also offer more than 1 word at each round, like Kilordle, Octordle, etc.

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How To Play Polyordle

You can enter as many boards as you want to start the game Polyordle. Keywords can be solved by the simplest method with only five words or by finding up to 1,000 words for each round.

You must enter a random five-letter word in the first column, just like other Wordle games. You can then try to predict the next words according to the color cues of the changing tiles.

The cell will become green if you put the correct letter and yellow if you type in the right letter yet in the wrong place. To guess all the words, look at the boxes and apply your vocabulary. When it turns gray, that letter does not appear in the word.

You have to finish all the boards (depending on the number you pick) to win the game.

Tips To Play

Internet-Based Suggestions: Use Wikipedia or any other search engine to check or consult word suggestions to determine the correct word order.

Don’t rush: you only have one play per day to weigh your decision carefully. You have all day to review it.

Rule out all possibilities of inaccuracies: When the exact wording of the cell is difficult for you, try to rule out any possibility of inaccuracies you are certain of.

Start with a small number of boards: You will soon feel overwhelmed and bored if you select 100 boards in the first place. So, try to start with just 1 (like the traditional Wordle), then increase the number on the next day.


You can play the entertaining game Polyordle for a small amount of time each day. If you try this game every day, you will look forward to playing it again tomorrow, as it can only be played once daily.

What are your thoughts about Polyordle? Please leave a comment below to let us know your daily game results.

Happy playing!

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