Quardle Introduction

After a while of practicing with Wordle, some excellent players wished for a boost in difficulty to push their abilities. The official version still fails to meet this need. However, Quardle, which targets 4 keywords in one go, surely satisfies your demand.

Quardle - 4 Times Harder Than Wordle

Based on the original word guessing, the Quardle game offers a puzzle of four hidden keywords. They are linked together by connectors as a crossword. You have to make the most of your library to find the correlation between the hints and the end results.

It can be said that the difficulty has increased significantly compared to the original version. Advanced players of Wordle may find this game challenging and fun. Some have shared their achievements on social networks and most failed to complete the puzzles in their first plays.

How To Play Quardle

This daily challenge offers 12 guesses for the entire crossword. It starts by choosing the word number you’re about to guess (1 to 4) for your data entry. Like the original version, Quardle displays hints by colors.

Green indicates that the input stays in its correct spot. Yellow recommends changing the positions in the current work to get close to winning.

Now, pay attention to the new points. Gray means your letter does not appear in the active keyword or puzzle. You must switch the placement to another word if you come across the green border. Finally, the gray tile with a yellow border shows that the letter should reach a new spot in another column.

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Tricks For Quardle Starters

Take Advantage Of Different Starting Words

Similar to any other vocabulary game, players should start with words with at least three vowels. A list of promises includes "AUDIO," "LEMUR," "SAUTE," etc. Chances are that the spots turn yellow or even green on the first attempt.

Additionally, some professional players believe that there is a common pattern associated with vowels. Letters include "R," "S," "T," "N," and "L" usually come at the beginning. That's how you get off to a quick start.

Come Up With New Letters For The Next Attempts

Trial and error is a sacrifice on first entries so that you can get as many hints as possible. However, apply them according to a smart strategy. Get rid of the gray letters of the first and enter another word with different characters.

The general rule of thumb is to refresh your input every time. This helps to increase the data source of four keywords. Then put the information together and guess.

Do Not Focus On A Single Answer

Keep in mind that you work on four main keywords for a limited time. Sticking to an option until they are completely correct ends your winning streak.

Instead, put the most obvious words aside and keep an eye on the vague ones. This method leads to a variety of letters within reach. Save your precious turns, or you will end up with repetitive hints. You do not have enough turns to unlock the rest of the puzzles.

Look For Additional Help

The skyrocketing difficulty sounds interesting, but it may frustrate many players after a few tries. Do not hesitate to use external support to get used to this challenging gameplay.

One of the most effective measures is the suggestions from the Best Word List. Pick out the green and yellow letters and enter them in the dictionary. A list of potential words structured from your existing data helps narrow the search.


Quardle is no longer a word-guessing game. It challenges players' reasoning ability to link hints for the overall gameplay. Though you may struggle with the first plays, things will improve after getting used to them. Do not stay in your comfort zone. Step out of it and upgrade your vocabulary.

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