A Quick Look At Squabble

The Squabble game is a word-guessing game that resembles the famous Wordle game in some aspects, like five letters in a word, six guesses for each player, the English word sources, and the yellow-green color signals.

However, the unique feature of Squabble is the multiplay engine that allows players to compete with others. Until now, Squabble is one of the rare word-guessing games offering a multiplayer mode.

How To Play The Squabble Game?

You need a device with an Internet connection to enjoy Squabble. There are two playing modes in Squabble:

#1 Blitz Mode

Blitz mode is a quick game in which you can challenge your friends to play with you. You can create a playroom and give your friends the lobby code to enter. Then, you must compete with your friends to figure out the secret words before them.

A clock will count from 100 down to 0, making the game tenser. You can add more seconds to the clock by picking the right letters. The solution word is the same for every player, so you can’t see the guess from other ones.

Of course, the winner must be the one who finds the word first. However, if nobody can spot the word, the person with more yellow or green letters and more time left will win the game.

#2 Squabble Royale Mode

The Royale mode can be the playground for up to 99 random players competing for the solution word. Unfortunately, the Squabble game is in its Beta server, so the Squabble Royale mode is not stable. Sometimes, the number of players is not sufficient to create a match for the Royale mode.

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