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Text Twist is a fun and instructive word game that can help you become a better writer or editor by honing your typing skills. The goal of this game is to fill in the text input box with as many correct words as possible.

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What Is The Text Twist Game?

Text Twist is a word, strategy, and thinking game introduced by GameHouse that is different from other Wordle games. The rules of the game are not complicated, but mastering it in a short time is a long shot.

You have the task of turning letters into meaningful words in the exciting game Text Twist. Words are formed using many different letter arrangements. When you have arranged or replaced all the letters together, you will find the answer key.

The best thing is that everyone can enjoy playing Text Twist with friends and family, as it is very simple to learn how to play. Another benefit of this game is that it’s free and can be enjoyed easily with internet access wherever you want. However, even for native English speakers, the game Text Twist is quite challenging.

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How To Play Text Twist

Before time runs out, create as many words as you can using the available letters. Your overall score is added up by each valid word.

In Text Twist, you will find both common and uncommon words. The search words must have at least 3 letters. You will start with a collection of letters. In each round, you have a total of 2 minutes to find as many words as possible before time runs out. Find the longest word using every letter to get to the next round.

Your literacy skills will be constantly brushed up by Text Twist. You will need to be reasonably fluent in English if you want to go any further because the words get more complicated as you go on.

Tips To Play Text Twist Game

As soon as you start, don’t focus on the alphabetical list. Instead, look for words, prefixes, and suffixes that can make sense when the letters are combined.

To make sure you’re matching the words correctly, look them up online first and then enter them in the game’s box.
The game contains a “twist” function that shuffles the letters to solve this problem. This is great for when you are stuck and need a new perspective.


You can play the entertaining game Text Twist every time of the day at many levels of difficulty. Additionally, it has a lot to teach you, especially in English vocabulary. So please feel free to give it a try, and we promise this is a game you won’t want to miss.

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