Text Twist 2


When playing a word game, did you ever forget the word? Maybe you just have problems recalling words? Or perhaps you want to improve your English but are having trouble finding the correct words? If any of those ring a bell, Text Twist 2 is a game you’ll enjoy.

Continue reading to learn about this amazing game and how to beat it.

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About Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 is among the most addictive free online word games that sharpen your brain. To form words, you must match 6 letters. Currently, there are four game modes that you can challenge:

  • Word mode: Create a word using six letters at once.
  • Word twist mode: Form a term by joining six words together.
  • Endless mode: Making words in the endless mode is not time-limited.
  • New World mode: achieve the maximum score possible on each level.
  • How To Play The Text Twist 2 Game

    The game rules are quite straightforward. You must form a word using the available letters. To advance to the next round, come up with one word that uses every letter.

    To create words, tap on the balls, then hit the enter key. In case you get stuck and want to start with new words, press the twist icon. To begin a new word, users can also utilize the keyboard.

  • Spacebar: reposition letters
  • Enter: type a word or the previous phrase
  • Backspace: delete the final letter
  • Tab: clear every letter
  • If you find this puzzle game appeals to you, then you can visit the website of Wordle to challenge yourself.

    Text Twist 2 Game Tips

    In general, this game is entertaining, calming, and educational. Sometimes, the search for new words or terms can be tricky. To help you locate terms more quickly and thereby win your upcoming word battle, we’ve included some advice below.

    #1. Concentrate on Using Every Letter

    The game challenges players to utilize every letter. As a result, rather than searching for as many six-letter words as you can, you should spend your time trying to identify the term that employs all six letters.

    You will not advance to the following round, and the match will be over if you cannot form the “goal” word.

    #2. Use Twist Button

    Finding the desired six- or seven-letter term could be difficult. However, by using the “twist” option, you might be able to see certain alphabetic characters that might have previously escaped your word-finding eyesight.

    In addition to assisting you in finding the target word by employing all the letters, this letter-shuffle feature occasionally leads to the discovery of shorter words that merely appear in the right order.

    #3. Use The Keyboard Instead of The Mouse

    As previously stated, hitting the spacebar will typically activate the “twist” character scrambling feature. Quickly texting will enable you to “attempt” more words throughout the limited time.

    #4. Check Your Previous Entries

    Examining your earlier submissions can help you come up with suggestions for words that are possible given the present letter distribution, even though it may not be the most helpful method for obtaining the target term.

    #5. Utilize S’s to Use Plurals

    If you manage to obtain a scattering of six characters, including an “S,” you could get away with making a lot of “additional” words by using it to pluralize your previous inputs if you chance to get that many letters.


    Text Twist 2 is a ton of fun and is fascinating and absorbing. It’s ideal for sharpening your mind, outwitting your pals, or simply killing time. Join the game now!

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