What Is Trordle?

Puzzle game enthusiasts worldwide have craved the Wordle game for a long time since its release. For this reason, many game developers develop various Wordle variants to create more exciting and hard-core challenges for gamers. And, Trordle is one of the games inspired by the reputable Wordle.

Trordle resembles Wordle in some sections, such as the gameplay and the grid setup. Your mission in the Trordle game is to find secret five-letter English words arranged from the standard alphabet. Yet, you must find three words simultaneously instead of spotting one word like playing Wordle. Besides, Trordle offers you eight guesses to find the words rather than six tries in Wordle.

You will find the indicating letters in Trordle the same as those in Wordle. The gray color represents a wrong answer. The yellow indicates a precise letter but is not in the right position.

Lastly, the green color shows that you have picked the correct letter in the exact place. You win the game if the whole word is green before you use up your guesses.

How To Play Trordle?

Play Trordle game on Website


Trordle is available on many puzzle game websites and is compatible with almost every present platform. All you have to do is search “Trordle” on the search box of browsers.

Then, click “Enter”. A list of websites that allow you to play Trordle will drop down. The most common websites to enjoy Trordle are Wordle and Diablomono.

You can play the game with your physical keyboard, computer mouse, or virtual keyboard on touch-screen devices:

  • If you use your physical or virtual keyboard, you can form a word by typing or tapping on the screen.
  • If you use a computer mouse, you can guess a word by clicking on the virtual keyboard below the grid.
  • Trordle Game Mode

    There are two primary game modes for Trordle players. Yet, each mode consists of two other difficulties: the normal Trordle and the Trordle +

    #1 Daily Mode

    The Trordle daily mode is similar to the Wordle daily mode. Players must find three new secret five-letter words every day. Once you use up the guesses but not figuring out the word, you lose.

    You will have eight guesses if you play the standard Trordle. On the other hand, Trordle offers you nine guesses when taking on the hard-core Trordle+.

    What’s special in Trordle+? The secret word stills contain five letters, but there are more than 1000 newly updated words ending with the letter “s”. As a result, your game will be more puzzling.

    #2 Free Mode

    The free mode in Trordle offers limitless play times for gamers, and the rules for both the standard and Trordle+ remain the same. Hence, you can use this playing mode to enhance your source vocabulary and practice to get a better score in the daily mode for your social network posts.

    Trordle Playing Tips

  • Use 1-2 first tries to get hints from the color of letters. Jot down those letters with their corresponding colors for the next guesses.
  • If you play Trordle+, remember that the ending letter is always “s”.
  • Turn to Google as a last resort. There will be the answer for each day, updated by other successful players. All you need to do is type in: “Trordle of the day” +.
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