What Is Warple?

The Wordle game has achieved a stable and significant position in the puzzle game industry. This innovative but simple game paved the way for the creation of various variants inspired by its gameplay. Among many Wordle versions, Warple stands out as one of the most prominent variants.

Honestly, the Warple game is Wordle. The only difference between these games may be the name. Both of these word-guessing games share gameplay, rules, and graphics. Yet, the distinctive feature of Warple is that the game functions as a diary for Wordle players.

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When you play Warple, you will conquer all the previous secret words from the first day of Wordle. You will have a chance to test your memory or solve puzzles that you couldn’t figure out in the past. From May 16th, 2018 until now, there are more than 1.600 secret words for you to handle. Good luck with this mission.

Rules Of Warple

You can play Warple unlimitedly without waiting until 0 a.m the next morning to have another new round. Yet, the number of guesses allowed for each round is still six, like Wordle. When you finish a solution word, you can immediately move on to the next one.

Warple utilizes three colors to guide players to reach the correct answer:

  • The gray color is a signal of a wrong choice. The letter is not in the word.
  • The yellow color shows that the letter is in the word, but you place it in the wrong position.
  • The green color indicates that the letter is correct. All the letter goes green means that you win the game.
  • How To Play Warple Game?

    Warple is available on any browser of an Internet-connected device. Some common websites provide Warple with smooth and high-quality graphics, like Wordle.

    You can build a word by tapping the virtual keyboard or using the physical keyboard. Once you finish arranging a word, click or press “Enter” to submit your guess. If you want to check the process or the completed rounds, you need to click on the clock icon with a reverse arrow in the top left corner.

    Tricks For Warple

    #1 Spare The First Two Guesses With Separate Letters

    You must ensure that the first two words you guess don’t share any similar letter. Thanks to this method, you can identify the relevance of up to ten out of twenty-six letters in the secret word.

    #2 Avoid Using Words Containing Repeated Letters

    Arranging a word having identical letters is a waste of guesses in solving word-guessing games. Unless you confidently know that the word must include repeated letters, you should spend a guess on it.

    #3 Online Word Sources

    When you feel desperate with your vocabulary, you can call for help from online sources of five-letter words. This is not a cheat. Cheating in WARPLE is finding and applying the previous Wordle answers list.

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