Weddle Introduction

The Wordle family have welcomed a new variant recently - Weddle. Following the NBA, MLB, and NHL, NFL fans have a new form of entertainment besides eye-catching football matches. If you are confident in your knowledge of clubs and players, win this challenge to prove yourself.

Weddle - The NFL Spin-Off Of Wordle Game

Not being professional programmers, two high school students created Weddle. One develops hardware and handles upgrades, while the other is responsible for social media.

It is a game of guessing the names of NFL players. It takes inspiration from Wordle - a trend in recent years and is customized to suit its target audience. The game quickly received the public's attention, especially fans of both fields.

How To Play Weddle Game

The Game Rule

This version inherits almost the entire format from Wordle but narrows the scope of guessing on football. The player has eight turns in basic mode to find the hidden player name. Unfortunately, there are not any hints for the startup. They only appear after attempts.

You start the game with any name. Based on the hints, you should switch to other potential players until victory or failure. All you need to do is scroll down and tap on it. The system already gives a complete list of football players in history.

The information displayed includes team, division, location, height, age, and jersey number. The third hint covers Tight Ends (TEs), Running Backs (RBs), Quarterbacks (QBs), and Wide Receivers (WRs).

Weddle guide 2


The Color Coding

Weddle took the color palette and its meaning system from its predecessors into its world. After the first input, the game evaluates the correctness of the data in each column through three colors.

Green implies that you are on the right track. Once the tiles turn yellow, you should consider the meanings behind them to move closer to victory. If it appears in the "Division" column, you should switch to another division in the same current conference.

On the other hand, personal information (age, height, shirt number) needs to be adjusted within 2 steps of the measurement system. It is a pity when you come across gray tiles. You still have a long way to go.

Do Not Skip The Hard Mode

This game developed another branch at a higher level on March 31. Hard mode has been available since April this year in response to user demand.

Compared to the normal gameplay, it adds two more turns. In turn, the pool of possibilities increased dramatically. The system expands the list of players in all positions of the ball. In other words, punters and kickers should also be in your consideration.


Why Is This Game Called Weddle?

Two high school students came up with two reasons for the unique name. They say its pronunciation is reminiscent of Wordle. It is seen as a tribute to primitive ideas. Plus, Weddle is also the boys' favorite player - Eric Weddle. They create this game to show their love for their idols.

How Many Times Per Day Can I Play This Game?

Unfortunately, this game only offers one play per day. You can come back after midnight for a new challenge.


Weddle satisfies fans of vocabulary games and the NFL. It offers a unique challenge to test your knowledge and passion. With more than 2000 names given, you will have moments of fun and excitement, especially when your guess turns right.

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