What Is Wheeldle?

It’s not an exaggeration to state that the Wordle game inspires many word-guessing game variants. Wheeldle is not the opposite. As you can see from the game’s name, the ending “dle” is a tribute to the original Wordle game.

The Wheeldle game resembles Wordle in many ways, like the number of guesses, the number of letters in a word, the gameplay, and the color signals. Wheeldle players must spot the secret five-letter word within six guesses. The factor that differentiates these two games is the word source.

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Both Wheeldle and Wordle utilize the English word source, but Wheeldle brings players more challenging secret words that are rarely seen in English. Even some native English speakers may hardly hear the words.

How To Play The Wheeldle Game?

Wheeldle is available on many websites providing puzzle games. Therefore, you can enjoy the game whenever you have an Internet-connected device with you.

You can guess the secret word by arranging the letter on the virtual keyboard or using the physical keyboard. Once you submit your answer, Wheeldle will give you signs for your guesses:

  • The green letter means that you have made a perfect choice.
  • The yellow letter shows that the letter is included in the solution word, but you must alter its position.
  • The gray letter is an indication of a wrong selection.
  • Tricks For Wheeldle

    Since Wheeldle’s solution words are odd and rare English words, it is difficult to win the game without relying on help from a list of odd English words. You can search for a list of five-letter rare English words on the Internet.

    On the other hand, if you can gain about three or four green letters while having guesses left, you can try to put in the unselected letters one by one.

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