What Is Word500?

Word500 game is a challenging crossword game where the hints only reveal the total number of correct letters rather than the individual ones. Like Wordle, it will highlight the correct spelling, incorrect grammar, and missing words. Only the quantity will be revealed, not their precise location.

It is amusing that the goal is to guess the secret five-letter word within eight trials correctly.

Green, yellow, and red tiles indicate how many letters you guessed right after each session. Enjoy Word500 in a variety of tongues and hurdles!

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How To Play Word500 Game

You’re allowed no more than eight guesses before giving up on discovering the hidden words. To help you nail the game, the secret word will be directed to the three tiles to the right after each session (yellow, green, and red).


Look at figure 1, STARE consists of two letters for the targeted word yet in different orders when seeing the yellow box. The red tile reveals that there are three missing characters to complete the quiz.

As for figure 2, the green box indicates that PRINT has only one correct letter in the right position. Like figure 1, the next tile points out two letters in the wrong order and two missing ones for the target word.

When looking for the following letter in a word, the “_” key can be employed to skip over any letter temporarily. If you encounter any hassle, hit the “Hint” button for some guidance.

Word500 has 3 different levels and 8 different languages, including English, French, Catalan, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

If you’re playing at the Standard (green smiley) level, you’ll need to find a word with some missing letters, and no character pops up more than once (like TOTAL).

Every day, a new hidden word is revealed for each level. Each participant will have six tries to guess the word correctly. In other words, you may use your first five choices to determine the letters’ exact location and what they are. Enjoy!

Tips To Nail It!

  • In word games, vocabulary is the key. For some, this factor pinpoints winning and losing. Focus on both quantity and quality to foster your lexical resource.
  • Concentrate on Q, Z, X, and J, the least-used letters in English. This suggests they’re rare compared to consonants and vowels, yet they often pop up with difficult terms.
  • The Bottom Line

    Word500 game is a challenging word game in which the clues only reveal the total number of correct letters rather than their identities. It’s a lot like Wordle in that it marks your text as “good,” “poor,” or “in the incorrect place,” depending on the quality of the single letter.

    Any word game requires players an extensive vocabulary to prevail. Indeed, it may be the catalyst factor for the final victory. It may have an impact on how you perform in different contexts. Get engaged in the entertaining space!

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