Worldle Introduction

Wordle universe has recently welcomed a new member - Worldle. Look closely at these two names, as they are confusing. Inheriting the exciting format from its predecessors, the newcomer builds a unique world of its own: countries and territories worldwide. Scroll down to learn more about this new game.

Worldle: The Geography Guessing Game

Worldle is a spin-off version of Wordle but aims for a different destination. According to the creator Antoine Teuf, it deserves tribute due to its fresh concept.

Of course, partially benefiting from the established reputation of its siblings, the game quickly gained the attention of Internet users. But above all, most players fall in love with Worldle for its free-of-charge, simplicity, and ad-free.

How To Play Worldle Game

Worldle offers six guesses for a mysterious country or territory, as with Wordle. Here's the good news: you get the hint at the beginning, which is the outline of its shape. The game provides a country list in the entry bar. All you need to do is pick one and look at the extra hints that come up afterward.

Some users may perceive the flashing squares before clues appear as a random display, but it is a deliberate setup. Green, yellow, and gray - what comes to your mind?

That’s right; it is the familiar color scheme of Wordle. Likewise, the more green, the better your chances of being correct. The more gray, the further you are from the success.

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However, the best part is still behind with two more suggestions. The system displays the distance and direction from the country in your answer to the exact location. If you missed the squares, stay calm. The last column changes the probability of winning after each entry.

Tips To Play Worldle

Simultaneous Work With The World Map

Massive amounts of data about world geography can knock newcomers out if you do not find a tool to help. It is not something sublime but a world map.

This tool comes in handy when you deal with direction hints. It helps narrow the possibilities, thereby saving turns instead of random guessing.

Cheating Is Fine

Feel free to search on the Internet when you are at a dead end, especially with distance data. Type something like "00 km from the xxx," and Google will give you an answer.

On the downside, there is an inconsistency between game data and other sites. You should scroll down a long list to find the exact country due to the slight difference in the calculation between landmarks.

Do Not Miss The Bonus Round

This is not an expert tip for winning the game but an easter egg for those who have succeeded. The system unlocks four more bonus rounds to pay tribute to wise players.

These minigames mainly revolved around the important geographical issues of the solved country, including neighboring countries, capitals, flags, population, and currency.


Worldle focuses on a niche where geographic knowledge shines the most. It is a fun game to boost your mood and a useful tool for memorizing knowledge. Try it today, and remember to share your result with the community.

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