Phoodle Introduction

If you think 32 keywords is the limit of Wordle's upgrades, try Phoodle to test your brain. The difficulty increases when the game does not just give you a list of 5-letter words. Do these different features stimulate your curiosity and aggression? Scroll down for the details.

Phoodle Game - More Vocabulary Than Ever

Phoodle is a vocabulary game created by Michael Giuffrida. It frees bookworms from the 5-letter word guessing concept that has dominated the Internet for so long. Though the developer drew inspiration from Wordle for his outcome, most players consider it to be on a different level.

This game has created huge puzzles for everyone to unleash their reasoning power. Depending on the mode, you can have a great deal of work for a day. For instance, Spooky comes up with 33 keywords, but the obscurity of the letters makes the crossword tough.

Waffle hides 45 keywords and movable squares. You have to move them to find out complete words. The appearance of the 500 Subscribers version is to pay tribute to a new milestone on this site. The fun never ends with 107 keywords. Additionally, there are many other interesting modes. Click here to discover.

How To Play Phoodle

The Game Rule

Gameplay may vary slightly in modes. However, the common point is connecting the letters in the grid. Use the mouse to group the characters to form the correct word.

The system gives you a long list of requests. They can include words containing 4-11 characters. Pay attention to the top of the grid to consider the volume of your tasks.

Key Components Of The Interface

The leaderboard honors the best in the community. It incentivises the participants to complete all the keywords with the fewest innocuous turns. The criteria for ranking consideration include bonus words, accuracy and speed.

Once you navigate to the Your Scores section, you can see your performance. The screen shows your streak, the number of puzzles played, your average score and comparison with global users. If you maintain regular visits, a chart shows an improvement in your strategy.

Tips To Boost Your Skills

Take Advantage Of Hints

In the Wordle game, you may go crazy for no clue, but you go through the opposite with Phoodle. The appearance of the letters from the very first moment, plus many target keywords, can be overwhelming. Calm down.

A good kick-off tip is to tick the boxes below the Hints settings in the upper left corner. Soon, a list of words suggested by starting letters begins to appear. These data pave the way.

If you cannot find them, do not be in doubt. Let's rotate the puzzle with the symbol in the right corner. The new perspective gives you another useful approach when the crossword changes direction.

Refer To The Bonus Word Of The Day

As this game is aimed directly at your vocabulary, there are no tricks to winning it. The founder also believes there is no absolute victory, especially with large-scale puzzles. Feel free to hit your milestone, give up, and come back tomorrow.

However, there is always a way to unlock more keywords. Take time for system revelation, especially unsolved ones. Do not ignore the word bonus which is rarely used in English. Your hard work will pay off.


Though the idea for Phoodle came from Wordle, there's no denying that it evolved into another world now. A huge number of keywords in a grid poses a tough challenge for the participants.

But do not take it too seriously. You can set a personal milestone and try to raise it little by little each day. Just work in your way and enjoy the game.

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